We provide broad range of technology-related services such as software/hardware development, system integration, and data mining.

Previous Projects

Web-based systems

  • Development of a monitoring system for solar power plants
  • Development of a solar power simulator
  • Development of a conference management system
  • Project management of a large-scale search system
  • Design of a data converter for real estate agents
  • Development of a form & DB generator
  • Development of a social networking system for mobile phones
  • Development of a safety confirmation system
  • Development of a member management system
  • Development of corporate websites


  • Development of a movie format converter
  • Development of a prototype software to optimize solar panel installation
  • Development of an automatic ads modification system with image recognition
  • Development of an automatic GPS data up-loader
  • Development of a website design generator using color extraction algorithm
  • Development of an article classifier with a Bayesian filter

Electronics / Communication / Embedded systems / Sensors

  • Development of a weight measurement system with Wii balance boards
  • Development of a positioning system with Kinect™
  • Development of an indoor GPS system
  • Development of a device driver for an accelerometer
  • Development of a LED control system

Mechatronics / Robots / Mechanical design

  • Development of an angle controllable turn-table
  • Design of the mechanism of an active sensing system
  • Design of a RT component used for RT-Middleware
  • Modification of an off-the-shelf mobile robot
  • Development of a mascot robot
  • Development of a mobile robot used for the measurement of RF condition

Data mining

  • Feasibility study of real estate price estimation
  • Performance evaluation of a search engine
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of ads embedded in websites

Server administration

  • Setup of a development server and backup system of a web design company